Security risk management solutions for infrastructure development projects

Security within the global infrastructure development project sector is becoming increasingly important.

The potential consequences of poor security risk management cannot be underestimated and could include delays to the project, damage to equipment and structures and, most importantly, the safety of the construction workforce and associated personnel involved throughout the supply chain. 

Good security planning, including the design of appropriate and proportionate risk mitigation measures is essential for all infrastructure projects and will help to create a safe and efficient project environment.

CSL Global works with clients to identify and analyse security risks throughout the infrastructure project supply chain and construction life cycle. We help to develop effective plans and resourcing solutions to protect people, assets, services and data.

We assist clients to:

  • Interpret and respond to any security requirements set out in project contractual documentation.
  • Review existing security requirements or plans in place and identify where improvements can be made.
  • Assess third party security plans for effectiveness and consistency, adaptability and budget resilience throughout the project life cycle.
  • Audit existing security measures for compliance with agreed plans and to produce recommendations for improvement.
  • Review security breaches or incidents, including near-misses, and the actions taken to respond.
  • Develop security risk training and risk awareness programmes for project personnel.

Our security risk management solutions include:

  • Supply chain reviews – suppliers, routes, ports, contracts, disaster recovery, cyber security
  • Physical route reviews – suitability of roads, bridges, jetties, port infrastructure, and security provisions at each stage.
  • Security risk assessments at storage facilities and set down areas.
  • Site security reviews–before breaking ground, perimeter protection, physical asset protection during construction, security arrangements for personnel working at site, access control, security and risk awareness on site
  • Review of security planning and awareness of third-party providers, including staff vetting procedures

For further information on how CSL can assist and build solutions for your business, please contact us.