InfraSec uses a proprietary fixed fee model – inclusive of all survey attendances, communications, project management, reporting, administration and all expenses. This model is based on long-established fixed pricing protocols used across a large number of industrial sectors worldwide.  

The fixed fee risk management option is designed to deliver an effective and efficient programme with a high degree of cost certainty. We prepare a detailed scope of work and assignment specification scheduling all survey activities and our final proposal includes a variation section that clearly identifies how unanticipated changes in the original project plan are managed and priced.

Once a scope of work has been agreed, the development and pricing of an effective project cargo risk management programme requires careful consideration of many varying factors including:

  • complexity of each cargo handling operation
  • the prevailing operating conditions
  • level of survey facilitation – at overall project level and at each survey location
  • accessibility or remoteness of survey locations

Each element of a fixed price programme is separately assessed and priced, using Data Analytics and current hands-on experience to improve price assessment accuracy.

The final fixed price fee is therefore a composite of multiple elements and, whilst comparisons with alternative daily or hourly rate proposals are often requested, the level of incompatibility between fixed fee pricing and an hourly time and expenses alternative is significant.

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