Julian Talha-Dean

Security Risk Mitigation Specialist


Mobile:  +44 (0) 7513 824248

Email:   j.talha-dean@cslglobal.com

Julian Talha-Dean is a hands-on Senior Security Risk Mitigation Leader with 14 years’ proven track record in the multi-national manufacturing, transportation, storage and distribution sectors, protecting  people and assets and reducing losses, disruptions and delays caused by a wide range of security threats and incidents. He has experience of working with high value cargo consignments to improve risk management practise and reduce theft losses arising from basic opportunism to highly organised criminal activity.  Julian has also been involved in major Supply Chain Security Projects for both the UN (IMO) and the USA Homeland Security.

His success has been achieved through a combination of inclusive leadership and thorough threat and risk assessments leading to business-enabling mitigation measures. Always solution-oriented with an eye towards bottom-line results.

Formerly a British Army Officer (Infantry and Special Forces) and Freelance Security Consultant specialising in missions in complex, high-risk / post-conflict and other challenging environments particularly Africa, Middle East and the Sub-Continent. Through this experience, Julian has developed an innate ability to create  comprehensive and effective security risk mitigation plans and establish rapport and credibility with diverse groups ranging from the Cleaners to Board Members, and work within and across the cultural complexities of a Community / Country and to garner Law Enforcement and local support as required.

Julian is a fluent French speaker and has good spoken Arabic.

His key operational skills include:

  • Threat and Risk assessments
  • Crisis management
  • Personnel security
  • Multi-Modal Supply Chain Security
  • Security Risk Mitigation Planning and Management
  • Security incident investigations

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